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Ultra double standard of Japan's diplomacy: 100% opposite in nuclear ban and "Favorite sashimi"

Strange double standard of Japan's diplomacy

  Japanese Government decided not to participate in the negotiation conference Nuclear Weapons Convention by the UN in March 2017. Foreign Minister Kishida said; "It could further the rift between nuclear and nonnuclear-weapon states and cause an adverse effect."
  Hibakusha, atomic bomb victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki deeply expressed disappointment with the negative attitude of Japanese Government. And, the coalition of NGOs for nuclear weapon ban treaty pointed out.

I especially condemn the Japanese government's inability to fully commit to these negotiations. They claim to be playing a vital role in nuclear disarmament by bringing foreign dignitaries to Hiroshima with the hope that they will learn the reality of the nuclear catastrophe.

  On the other hand, Japanese Government shows a different attitude like as "Jekyll and Hyde" in the context of whaling diplomacy such as at the IWC or the ICJ. It is similar to CITES or Regional Fisheries Management Organizations which Japan is a member.
  Japan behaves self-righteous willing to confront with the other countries including US there. Japan negotiates to brandish withdrawal from the IWC frequently and justifies itself not to comply with the resolution. The ICJ judged clearly that Japan's Antarctic whaling called as research is illegal not for scientific purpose but for "favorite sashimi" in 2014, but Japan merely took a break for one year and resumed illegal NEWREP-A same as JARPAII ignoring ICJ's judge and the recommendations by the expert panel of the IWC Scientific Committee. In addition, Japan also rewrote the UN Declaration of Jurisdiction acceptance to prevent re-presenting a case to the ICJ by Australia and New Zealand.
  Japan has been promoting majority work to increase pro-whaling countries at the IWC utilizing fisheries ODA exceeding total 1000 million dollars. The budget for overall whaling measures is about 40 million dollars per year except ODA.

  Japanese Government can easily trample on the international law and deepen the conflict with other countries for about 300 people related the high sea whaling industry. Japan imposes its values; "Favorite sashimi should be mine!" on the world and nature of the Antarctic, though it excessively withhold for the newclear weapon states and easily withdraw to go through non-nuclear philosophy despite the large number of citizens both domestic and foreign who wish the non-nuclear weapons world. Japan promote international negotiations spending enormous taxes together with Taiji, which are the mecca of the whaling industry, however, it cannot do the same for Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the nuclear-ban negotiations. It will not try so. That's ridiculous!

  Besides, now the whaling circle of Japan try to use the tragedy of the atomic bombs for their own greed.
  In the "Behind the Cove"; the childish propaganda movie which praise and beatify Japanese whaling without any reflection on the historical facts of overcatching and regulatory violations, one scene of the atomic bomb appeare abruptly as if "We Japanese never forget that you US drop to the atomic bombs, so you should not complain to us about eating whale meat!". What the movie is telling too incoherent and full of egoistic assertion!
  It has been found that Keiko Yagi; the director of this movie, was suggested an idea at an whale meat pub in Tokyo by Yoshito Umezaki, a key person who handled Japan Whaling Association's public opinion operation. Actually, Fisheries Agency and National Diet members are backing up this movie strongly, though it is quite improvable in the first non-fiction movie work by an unknown newcomer.
  One of the reasons Japan looks backward to negotiation of the NWC is North Korea's nuclear development. However, North Korea's stance to force illegal nuclear tests ignoring international public opinion is very similar to Japan's attitude to force illegal whaling in the Antarctic Ocean. In fact, North Korea condemned Japanese whaling as a criminal act after the ICJ's judgment just like Japan's claim to nuclear and misile tests of North Korea. At least, there is no room for denying that Japan shows a bad example of international law violation.
  Several developed countries which are not the nuclear haves such as Australia and Netherland also did not attend the negotiation conference. If "only country to have experienced atomic bombs" does not participate, it is no wonder that those countries become reluctant as well.
  Japan should warn itself of its arrogance if it want to change the attitude of nuclear powers or North Korea. If Japan would cease to expose egotism to the Antarctic, nature of the southern hemisphere and turn all the huge budget for pro-whaling policy into promoting international understanding of the abolition of nuclear weapons, the world will respect and listen to the words. If do so, Japan will be able to break inhumane stagnation and change the mood to refuse international cooperation, at least rather than doing nothing as excused that "pursue realistic and effective disarmament measures". Peace for nature of the Antarctic will surely lead to another peace, non-nuclear weapons world.
  Or, are you sure about that Japan continue to be looked coldly as a tremendously strange country which gives priority to "favorite sashimi" rather than nuclear ban?

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